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Monthly Archives: June 2018

I’ve found the best way to handle high maintenance types is to ignore them and they’ll go away.

When you need to explain a job to a man, you have to think like a man would. That means you have to pare down any extraneous information, don’t make the language too flowery or cute, and allude to the possibility of sex afterwards if the work is done properly.  

You know, this sounds disgusting. Well, I’ve done disgusting things before so what’s one more, right hairy bastard?

…the company that sold these hideous things created a tremendous feeding frenzy by limiting distribution. They created the illusion of lack, and people just went nuts trying to get one. Toy stores were bombarded and there was complete mayhem; people were crying, hair was pulled, punches were thrown! Personally, I never wanted one but I couldn’t resist getting in on the action.

God, I miss those days…