Must I Be So Bold?

There’s something to be said about being an introvert.

We don’t jump into things quickly. Our measured actions provide a counter balance to the impetuousness of the extrovert, so we’d make a great collaborator in places like Las Vegas, or say, on a bank heist.

Cool heads prevail.

We often gather in corners at parties with subdued looks on our faces, but it’s not because we don’t like people, just not a lot of you all at once. “Please keep it down, I’m trying to read.”

Extroverts are always admired in society because it’s considered healthy to be loud and gregarious at all times, including during sleep. But did you know introverts make fewer mistakes when dreaming?

Some of the most famous people are introverts; leaders, innovators, speakers, ax murderers… we’re not all bad.

Next time you meet an introvert, don’t assume we don’t like you, we do. We’re often attracted to our opposite. Just don’t expect us to join you on your crazy excursions. We’d rather curl up by the fireplace with the cat.

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.” – Stephen Hawking


Published by Clever Girl

Intrepid writer, reader and comedian.

15 thoughts on “Must I Be So Bold?

  1. Yep, book or writing plus some music on (ideally headphones on to shut out world), ideal life is good, thank you. I know my wife gets frustrated with me sometimes, I don’t effuse excitedly about stuff like she does but honestly, I’m not trying to just be aloof and cool, I’m just not wired to be demonstrative and loud!


  2. Hmm…
    Blog site (or 2)
    Life-size self portrait
    Creative expression exposed to hundreds of thousands of viewers in real time
    With a section for open comments or criticisms
    What was the definition of introvert?



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    1. lol… I cannot argue Paz. It’s said that introverts can, and do, have moments of extroversion. I can be gregarious and outgoing, but only sustain it for a limited period of time. Then I crawl back into the safety of solitude.

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