How To Not Over-under Your Over

You know, there’s nothing like being underestimated… when someone completely misjudges your capabilities, character and intelligence.

Yes, there are different ways people underestimate each other. Sometimes it’s done with innocence, they don’t mean to… but sometimes it’s with malignity, jealousy, or small mindedness.

I’ve dealt with being underestimated my entire life: I’m a woman, blonde and I’m decent looking. It’s not fun being underestimated, but I’m not surprised when it happens, which is not to say that I don’t get annoyed, because I am human after all. But I take a lot of pleasure in knowing when the people who’ve underestimated me, will come to realize the error in their underestimation, and will be duly educated, if not completely shocked.

That’s the fun part

Why just the other day, a guy, who admitted he stalks me online, asked me if I got my content from the internet, in what I can only describe as a not-so-subtle way of accusing me of stealing (and posing this question in front of others), so I clarified if that’s what he meant (it was). Maybe it was his way of trying to minimize what was clearly overwhelming him and his ego: My abilities and talent, so he was having a difficult time wrapping his mind around the fact that I have a brain and know how to use it; I don’t need to resort to stealing other people’s ideas. Maybe he does, I don’t know.

We also underestimate ourselves

We all have moments when we wish we were more like someone else. The difference is, we don’t act out on our jealousy and try to usurp their ideas, we create our own and then we become our own best selves. Holy crap, is that Tony Robbins in my head?! Tony, get the fuck out of here, I’m busy inspiring people!

My personal experience has been that more men are intimidated by smart women than women are intimidated by smart women, even though society likes to perpetuate the idea it’s the latter. There are a lot of men out there who tend to underestimate women on a regular basis; it’s firmly implanted in society. Funny thing is, I’ve had more men be jealous of my accomplishments and try to usurp my projects and ideas than women.

Look, if you’re gonna be one of those types, perhaps you should forget trying to assert yourself into more worldly experiences, it’s probably too much for you. Maybe it’s better you stick to simple things like sitting behind a computer viewing the latest porn, your greasy fingers wrapped around your Taco Bell burrito. Don’t forget to wank the noodle while you’re at it! (sexual release dulls the mind, so you’ll be relieved of all erroneous judgments and decisions, however brief).

Perhaps instead of challenging your fragile egos with well-written humor, you could try your hand at reading nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty or Dr. Seuss so you won’t feel so insecure. Wait, I take that back, Dr. Seuss is much too clever… maybe just stick to visuals.

And if you’re jealous or threatened by someone else’s accomplishments, keep it to yourself, why act out on it? Stop underestimating people. Go get therapy, go get educated, go fuck yourself (see above suggestion about wanking the noodle). Don’t poo poo others’ accomplishments, make your own, you won’t feel so shitty.

Oh wait, that would mean putting in the work by taking a good hard look at yourself, admitting your own shortcomings and examining your own character instead of others’, and that’s way too fucking hard because that takes courage. It takes blood, sweat and tears! It would mean questioning everything you thought you knew about yourself and asking what you’re gonna do about it.

It would mean you’d have to stop underestimating yourself.

Just ask me, I know.


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17 thoughts on “How To Not Over-under Your Over

  1. Do you think your friend will read this? I think intelligence is attractive, but yeah, a lot of men would be intimidated by a woman who is both smart and “decent looking,” which I’m sure is an understatement.


  2. This post is so timely, Clever Girl! I was just having this discussion with a person (female) I am mentoring at work. I was mulling over my thoughts on the way home last night and decided that being underestimated was (one of) my superpower(s). All my working life, in my male- (aren’t they just about all) dominated field….I can laugh about it now, but it wasn’t always a laughing matter for me.


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  3. oh! i totally remembered the story i wanted to tell you that kinda kinda relates to this. when i was pregnant for my first child, i was a humane officer, & when i was around 8 months pregnant, i was called out to a pitbull running loose. the dog had already bitten one person. my husband tagged along because he was a bit clingy like that.
    when i got to the scene, there were dozens & dozens of people gathered around watching this pissed off pitbull. the police were there. but as soon as i arrived, everyone backed far away from me & the dog, including my husband.
    i had a catch-pole (a long pole with a loop on the end) and as i approached, the dog charged me. when he did, i was able to quickly loop him into the catch-pole. i don’t know if it was luck or skill, but i caught him quickly & easily.

    my husband told me that at the time, one of the cops turned to him & said, “did you teach her to do that?”


  4. great read. You may not believe me but I don’t underestimate women. I love strong, tough smart women. I am a little intimidated by your assertion that it is a negative thing to slap the monkey to internet porn while eating Taco Bell. You just described my Saturday night!


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