So I was with this hot, sexy guy last night, and we were really getting into it. You know, arguing a point.

What? You think we were actually having sex? Well we were going to, until I asked him if he would be interested in exploring my erroneous zones, but he balked and said “Don’t you mean erogenous zones?” I told him “No, erroneous zones. That’s where I get to point out when someone is fucking wrong, and a moron, which sends tingling sensations all over my body, sparking my passion… then it leads to angry sex. Now I get to point out that you thought I was stupid for using the wrong word, when it was you who was wrong. And stupid. I’m really turned on, do you wanna have sex now?”

He didn’t. I was hoping he’d at least want to grudge fuck me.

Instead, he got really offended and we argued for a few minutes, then he left and I had to take things into my own hands. It’s just as well. He probably would’ve dove right into the pink panther instead of taking the time to explore my most important erogenous zone: My brain.

I need to maybe stick with the plain or ugly dudes. They’re more willing to please than the hot guys, who think they can get any bitch they want, any time they want… which is probably true *sigh*

Ugly guys try harder and they’re not as picky.

Am I saying I’m someone who someone who isn’t picky is the perfect someone for someone like that?

Clearly, this guy couldn’t handle my sexuality, passion and intelligence. Good riddance! I want a man who can hold his own…


while I wax poetic…

about all the idiots…

there are in the world…


then we’ll take it from there.


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11 thoughts on “Wrong!

  1. I thought this post was very funny. At least I think I thought it was funny. But wait. Maybe you weren’t being funny. Maybe you were being serious. Okay, now I feel insulted. Well, I think I feel insulted. Or maybe not. Actually, I think it was pretty funny.

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  2. Funny as hell, as always, Katya. The Boss and I watched a hilarious movie last night I think you’d like, Bad Words starring Jason Bateman & Kathryn Hahn. Bateman’s character is the male version of the persona you present in your blog and is easily as foul-mouthed and funny as you. The movie also features a couple of hilariously awkward sex scenes, including one in which every time Bateman, who is on top, happens to glance at Hahn’s face, she screams, “Don’t look at me!” and eventually, “Goddammit, now I have to start over!” or words to that effect. If you haven’t already, check it out. Should be the perfect date flick for the next fat, ugly, eager dude you’re forced to settle on.


    1. That last line made me guffaw! I’ll definitely check it out… love Jason Bateman. As always, thanks for reading

      On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 12:54 PM Clever Girl Writes… wrote:



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