Spare Some Change?

People should not change things and screw ‘em up. I mean, yeah some change is good. We all need a little change from time to time, like, okay for instance, getting a new hairstyle, that’s a good change, or getting an oil change for your vehicle, that’s really good. Changing out all the old, whiteContinue reading “Spare Some Change?”


This post was originally published November 8, 2018. Enjoy! I have two cats. Plus, I’m single, every so slightly chubby, over 50, and living with two cats (I think I already mentioned that), so I guess I’m that stereotype people are always talking about – that I’m the weird cat lady, which is bullshit. JacksonContinue reading “Pussy”

Going Viral

Ahhh Chooo! Excuse me, jeez that was a big one. I think there’s something going around… What’s that? You’re glad I didn’t sneeze on you? Well, I would never be so idiotic as to do that. I have manners you know. One time, when I was standing in line at the airport (what else wouldContinue reading “Going Viral”