As a talented and gifted writer, I’ve managed to attract a lot of followers (at least a hundred) and I’ve become somewhat of a word master because I’m super, um… extremely… uh… well, good with the words ‘n stuff. But sometimes words alone just don’t cut the mustard because words can get misconstrued, especially when readingContinue reading “😁”

Nutballs vs. Cheeseballs

I really like Nutballs.  Sometimes called Nutters, for short (Nutter being the British term for Nutball). I don’t know what it is about them, but if someone is a Nutball, there’s a good chance I want to have them in my circle of friends. They’re slightly off, a bit nutty… but not as nutty asContinue reading “Nutballs vs. Cheeseballs”

Going Viral

Ahhh Chooo! Excuse me, jeez that was a big one. I think there’s something going around… What’s that? You’re glad I didn’t sneeze on you? Well, I would never be so idiotic as to do that. I have manners you know. One time, when I was standing in line at the airport (what else wouldContinue reading “Going Viral”

Putting the Squeeze On

I refuse to allow myself to be tortured any longer! Do you realize I’ve been tortured since I was a budding teenager? Well, of course you wouldn’t.  I’ve been subjected to one torture contraption or another most of my life, and that’s saying a lot because that’s been a really, really, really long tim…  NoContinue reading “Putting the Squeeze On”